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About Us

About Us was created by Sara and Bob Yarrow because the bountiful antique shops in Historic Downtown Glendale deserve to be exposed in one concise location. Sara and Bob had several dealer booths in downtown Glendale, and now have opened the newest Antique Shop in Glendale, Spinning Wheel Antiques. It is located in Catlin Court on 57th Drive north of the Glendale Civic Center. They created this website to help other antique buffs discover treasures from the past which Historic Downtown Glendale has to offer.

Sara has had a love affair with antiques for forty years and is an avid collector of numerous items. Bob’s antique interest primarily grew out of his love for Sara. This has become a passion for both of them, and they have turned it into their second careers. If there are additional features you would like to see on this website, please let us know via the email address below.
These pictures show Sara and Bob before and after the antique experience. The obvious fun here will definitely make you want to experience antiquing.
Bob And Sara Before Antiques
Bob And Sara After Antiques

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